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Stay Sixty II

Stay Sixty II

The average adult body consists of 60% water.

Brand Identity / Product Design / Packaging Design

Stay Sixty was established in 2016 with a mission to help rid the planet of single use plastic bottles. Two Create Studio helped develop the brand and an award winning bottle with a unique removable base.

The Stay Sixty founders returned to Two Create in 2017 with an even bigger challenge. They felt that in order for a reusable bottle to become fully integrated with your lifestyle it needed to fulfil an even tougher criteria.

After 2 years of development and with 3 global patents pending, we have produced a new class of bottle; with triple layered copper core vacuumed insulation and an intuitive TwistCTRL cap that allows optimum liquid flow with a single turn as well as dismantling easily for effortless cleaning and recycling.

The bold, geometric logotype forms the centre of the brand identity and is applied across product packaging, branded materials and website.

Name Development
Brand Identity
Product Design
Packaging Design