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La Prairie

La Prairie

Packaging the worlds most luxurious skincare.

Product Design / Packaging Design

In 2018 La Prairie approached Two Create to assist with their new product development. Since then Two Create have become La Prairie’s design partner, helping to develop pioneering finishes, elegant rituals and innovative sustainable solutions for their newest and most precious formulations.

“La Prairie isn’t called ‘the world’s most luxurious skincare brand’ for nothing, as its latest launch attests.”

Mary Cleary – Beauty & Grooming Editor of Wallpaper*

La Prairie’s Pure Gold collection is their first journey into the complex world of sustainable design. The collection features machined metal casings with sumptuous polished interiors that are designed to be retained, whilst the glass vials of formulation they contain, once empty, are replenished by new ones without losing any of La Prairie’s signature opulence.

La Prairie
Product Design
Packaging Design